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Cape Cod Fishing
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Specializing in light tackle fishing aboard the NEW 34' "Marilyn S"

      Capeshores Charters allows me to share with you the joy I've experienced fishing on Cape Cod. Having grown up on the Cape, it is easy to show you the amazing fishing opportunities we have on this beautiful peninsula. Reliving the fun of my boyhood exhilaration through you, and your family's eyes as you reel in your catches, makes my job one of the best occupations a guy could ever have. I have come to savor the time spent with a fish on the end of your rod equally as much as I would a fish on my own.

      I try to persuade my customers to enjoy that experience by using light fishing tackle to better feel the fight of the fish. Unlike a trolling situation, my methods allow them to hold the rod and feel the fish bite. I've learned that its not about getting them in quick so you can get another, having fun and savoring the moment is more satisfying. It is more expensive and takes more effort for me to use the lighter gear, but the return is having my philosophy of more fun rub off on you — my customers. Our gear is in good shape with no broken guides on the rods and reels that are working properly. We use 15 pound test spinning rods and reels on all of our bass charters. Our bluefin trips use Shimano Tiagra 50 wide trolling outfits and we carry Shimano Trevala spinning and casting set ups for butterfly jigging techniques.

With all the guides and charter boats out there, why would you use my service, how is Capeshores Charters different from the others? Location, location, location ! We are on the outside elbow of Cape Cod, where the water temperatures are cooler in late summer. Although we start later, we have bass through the summer and into late October, when other warm water locations can only catch bluefish or small bass. The striped bass are right outside the harbor and the tuna grounds start a mere 3 miles east ! The "Marilyn S" is a fast, great looking, 34 foot by 13 foot, wide and roomy boat, with an open cockpit so there is more room to move around to play your fish. We are located at the Chatham Municipal Fish Pier on Shore Road in Chatham. There is a beautiful new floating dock and ramp to make boat access convenient. Free parking and rest rooms are a few yards away.

      Please look through my website. I hope you will find enough information here to satisfy your questions about chartering your next trip with Capeshores Charters. There are many photo galleries of past charters, the boat & the fish. Be sure to stop by often and check out our local Cape Cod fishing report. Please fill in the fishing and charter survey on the rates and reservations page; it helps me to evaluate what you are looking to do. You may win a hat or a T-shirt!

     Thanks very much and I hope to see you this season,

     Captain Bruce

Captain Bruce Peters
Capeshores Charters : Come aboard the 34 foot Marilyn S
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